Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finger pain

Smile like him

aiya.. i wanna write blog la, but finger very pain.
now only right hand fingers can use.
better type english la.. haha wat a broken english ==

these days not bad lo.. quite meaningful.
i be the guitarist and vocal, akam too.
hongyun sure piano der la. kangwei still our percussion.
jiansheng is out '1st' male vocal, damn cute a he!

we try to guide and teach our dear classmate to sing.
girls, try to hard to catch up the '2nd' vocal..
和音 dunno english call wat la! aiya.. understand jiu can.
becuz the performance, we all can go out ply like others.
if we think another 'angle', we should be proud 4 it.
we r so lucky and so 荣幸 to be the only class perform on stage.
some fren tell me tat they come liao CH 6 years,
they never go on stage even perform or competition... watever
yuxin is so excited and happy, she told me this....haha

say dao her, got 1 thing i must say here!
today a, we go canteen ma, she eat a plate of nasi goreng ad.
she look at me and said," I dun hav feel lo. "
tat 'no feel' means she is not full after her meal!
walaoA! she copy mine a! last time i said this when steamboat.
i must write it here cuz she rite me there!!
she oso big stomach der la.. muahahahahahah!

listen to tat graduation song, the lyrics is meaningful.
i learn to ply and sing tday. kanasai lo..
tat 'at first' so fast and i sing like bleh bleh ==
abu said tml got ppl wanna c us ply it whole wor. GG lo!
i haven memorize the lyrics a! many chicken intestine a!!!!!
aiya.. i wanna sing la.. i must 'rampas' the chance to sing.
im good in singing der ma... muahahahahah! so lc..

at first really hate this class do things der lo.
but now i can c 'out' some of them really happy and try to get it.
haha.. im happy to c it too. add oil ya! we r shining like

u c? many star up there ^^ we lai der la!

well, really pain even typing this keyboard to write this.
never ply guitar so hard like this. finger feel hot even i leave it.
acoustic leh! 6 'steel string' a! im girl, hand so soft der lo..haha

aiya.. i noe i enjoy it ^^
for all classmate, add oil and try ur best to enjoy it.
we all need enjoy and be happy on the stage.
although hand really pain.. but worth to c u guys 合作
dun luan luan eat things a! take care of ur body!!

2 more days.. add oil ya~

finger really pain la.. pls dun come 水疱 a! if not jiu GG lo..

walao.. my english really 亲切 ^^|||

“ As we go on, we remember...
.........We will still be friends forever ”


jenjen said...

so good,
can performance at stage when graduate day..
hav a nice show ya..^^

deviluvangel said...

say me lar....
i think i'm afftected by you~
really happy !!!!

eunice's coffee shop' said...

ur english very qing qie lehh..
juz same wif me..
whn i saw ppl who write on english on thier blog...
i feel
and zhibi