Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Guys

I'm now in mmu, sorry long no post during this days.
And i can tell u guys i really miss KL a lot!
Im always finding chance to get back.

My home work is finish at least 10 sketch on thursday.
i can go die liao ==
many pen or arts things hav to buy leh.. really pokai liao.
and now.. rm50 is not enough to live 5 days.. sei lo
everyday curry a.. my skin is sucks!

really very very sad to stay here
i wonder how those senior's feeling when they went oversea ==
hav to wash cloth myself, spicy food, hostel toilet no light 1 ==

wei wei.. laz days thx u guys bring me go fren home a!
it is fun, and i really miss it.
is really really miss it!
i very xian4 mu4 those no need to stay hostel 1.
really.. especially im virgo, i hate dirty!

Monday is public holiday,
So I will be in KL on this friday till next Monday..
I wanna meet u guys T-T

Sorry 4 short post
pls leave comment by using english
here cant c chinese ==


MonSter said...

very der nice ler...
mz be shuang der mar stay hostel
ganbate lar

eunice's coffee shop' said...

i think u will not always online liao de lah..
ya ar..
so miss u leh..
go mmu
nid more take care urself...
gambateh !!
dun give up anything..

Jemerlyn said...

i still will everyday on de.
but juz very short nia..
some time 5-10min jiang to check comment~

thx ya
i will back tday ^^