Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I miss KL

re: monster not shuang as u think lo..
sometime when i alonelike drawing, bathing, 'toileting'
i will think abt nt only miss my fren family..
i miss whole KL, many many..
everytime think abt this feel like wanna cry de leh!
KL is where i growth, nvr go so far to live b4..
altho i can back every weekend,but still miss alot..
i wonder those who went oversea de a..
come frm different negeri they live like this?
they miss their own town?
Im KL gia, but miss a lot.. a lot

yesterday i went out with a malay girl at night,
we went outside the library to do our sketching assigment.
we had a lot of fun there, keep laughing.
im the only chinese who go with them, feel scare, a bit la..
cuz im nt good in malay, i speak campur with english ==
she understand la,,, i think she is pretty ^^
big eyes, but small 'body'.. im bigger ==
we show our pet photo, they like cat la..
luckly i hav kenken(my cat) photo inside my hp.
U noe? kenken's sleeping pose is very PRO wan..
i show them they laugh till sakit kerongkong ==
i keep batuk, some1 tear oso come out.

not only my cat like tat lo, their cat oso good in pose ==
all cat is crazy,, as my conclusion ==

shit lo, many grammar misstake and wrong spelling here..
u understand i understand jiu ok la, hahaha..

i need a laptop ASAP.. here everyday need check mail 1.
many many things need pc, assigment.. mail.. on9 checking..
most important is blogging is chatting with u guys la. haha
any suggestion 4 DESIGNER's laptop?
'big' hardisk, can sav many things, ram good, resolution good..
shit lo.. really pokai this time ==

waiting 4 ur comment ya.. in english pls ^^


h u a n said...

yi ning i miss you lots ;\

everything will be okayyy
jiayouu !!

Cher said...

i can truly understand your feeling.

gambateh !!!