Friday, May 15, 2009

I ♥ U guys and girls ><

Monday, we hav submission of our drawing!
lecture wan me to make the drawing 'full'
from this to that ==

Finally it is done, i think lectures like it ><
After that, we hav to continue the wall painting ~
I was so so so happy during the painting process of our design studio.

The wall is breaking ><

Dr.fiqar be the boss?

I borrow broom from them ^^

The lines are fine!

Hossein done this with sleeping pose ==

My group is so complicated ><

We have so much fun there ><

Tension.. the cable is breaking from the fuis box!

Mr.T is holding this pant.. haha

This is really horrible ><

And the floor is damn messy ==

Jimmy's pant is gonna fall off ==

Their lines are so straight!

We are creative people.. dont u think the 2nd looks like MimMim?

And this is MimMim ^^

Farid is little Chemad ><

And the man with cap and green shirt is our lecturer, Chemad ><

Our messy studio, every1 are busy~

Ibnu BaraBiriBuru is crazy ==

Danny is CS noob.. and big brother Ashkan

Koja and Nie.. sweet ><

Alex and Jason are ACTING angry ==

Our F&N star.. Saif

These guys are crazy, mim2 take off his pant and spray 'I ♥ MDF' ==

And this is swee ying's

Muhamad Ismail.. the cute little hair dryer guy ><

Yuza.. Spiderman in indo who call Flyman XD

Ibnu keep using my laptop.. i HATE him!!

Those rubbish is covered the dustbin ==

Ash.. mmu beggar ==

Well, Im really happy with this assignment ^^
Athought we dont talk much with each other, but im happy to stay together =)
My group finish earlier and people ask me 'y u dont go back ?'
My answer is 'im happy to stay with u guys!'

I back at 4am+ from the studio.
Im sweating all the time but i still dont wan to leave them ><
This is the 1st time i bath at 4.30am+ ><
Its raining and we dont have water heater in hostel =(
I cant sleep, bcuz im too happy and excited!!

That night im waiting for fiona and wei yi.
I didnt expect that we become fren with the indo guys in our class.
Haha! Thay are really funny and playful.
Thats y i dont feel boring there.. thx guys ^^

We have pork this week.. haha!
Thx for weiyi drive us to eat at seri kembangan when she wanna buy paint ><

Now my brain is full of memorise of the painting project.

When I saw curly lines, I will think of the iranian group's wall.
When I saw giraffe, I will think of Jen Hou.
When I saw Sesame street, I will think of mim2.
When I saw robot, I will think of Hilman.
When I saw black and white shoe, I will think of Azri.
When I saw pork, I will think of Danny... HAHA!!

I will smile even when I sleep.. it is sweet ><
Its remind me of my high school graduation.
All of us keep busy and eventually become fren and miss each other.
I like this feeling.

I miss that feeling althought the sem is end.
I dont wan holidays, I dont wan exam, I wan to meet u guys and girls T^T


Im glad that Chemad like all of our painting ^^
Good luck in final exam!


Fiona Yap Tsui Lee said...

so 'gan dong' ar... *sob sob*

Ash said...

I'm gonna miss you too erica and i enjoyed knowing you... just be happy and don't worry keep it up and my girl friend likes you too... thanks for being a such a good friend to me. ba bye good luck in your final exam

Jemerlyn said...

arg!!! i wanna cry ad T^T

Yohanes Danny Kristianto Sugih Putra said...

"When I saw pork, I will think of Danny... HAHA!!" WAT DOES IT MEAN?? HUH?

Jemerlyn said...

lol... u noe wat i means porker ><

Hossein said...

yoooooooooooo Erikaaaaaaaaa
me 2 gonna miss u all 2
but dun worry we will be n df2 ;)

Szuyin said...

wow...only black and white...nice...
very big!!!

kira said...

Many people!!!