Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 2nd sem

the 1st word i would like to say is.. DIU!

this sem no hostel live liao la, hav to rent outside ><
not bad la, town house lai de, got 2 storey ><
walaoA, my room damn small leh T^T
and my sarawak roommate move her whole 'house' here ==

now wanna go sch jiu need 2 climb hills la.. adui
there have no food, no gas, no cook.
and cyberia's food is not really nice amd expansive lo!
yday night we went back to hostel for food, damn far ><
i will upload the latest photo after i go home =)

i saw wen2 cong1, yao4 hong2, shu2 fang1 and jun4 hao2 here!

back to the topic. Y i wanna say diu leh?
bcuz the new house have no internet connection yet ==
u noe me d la, no on9 will die de.
so now i mai hiding in lab to on9 lo ><
got scare d lo, i alone leh... u say diu anot?

sienz a!! dunno y i get headache ==
too hot here? dont drink enough water? dont zz well??
many classmate haven attend yet, boring =(

i heard there is a trip during our mid term break, walaoA ==
i dun wan get sun burn leh, i wan stay white white leh!

As usual, i cant read chinese word in lab de pc ==

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Ray said...

no wonder this post no chinese word~ YEAH~ I LOVE THE LAB PC!